A home for all of God's people

St. Louis Parish is a home for all of God’s people. We respect and welcome all who wish to pray with us, worship with us, learn with us, serve with us—all who wish to be disciples of Jesus with us. We are committed to the Gospel message through service to our parish family, the larger community and especially those in need throughout the world. 

Loving the Lord, living community; shaped by the Word, serving the world … that is who we try our best to be, with God’s help.

Hello friend!

I’m glad you found our website! Naturally, as with any website, we put our best foot forward. Great things are happening at St. Louis. But in any community, just as in families, many things aren’t always easy or positive. The apostles weren’t perfect, and neither are we. If you have experienced us at our best, praise God! If not, please accept our sincere request for forgiveness. Please give our community a chance to welcome, embrace and be a safe haven, a spiritual home for you. We truly believe that our community will be the richer if you are part of our communion. 

If you feel that there are any obstacles to connecting or reconnecting, or if you simply have questions, things you wish to get off your chest or hopes you haven’t dared to utter before, the door truly is open. Please call our office at 586.5675 and ask for Fr. Bob Ring, or feel free to contact one of our other staff members. I believe God has already begun good work in you, calling you, nudging you to reach out, preparing our hearts to respond. It would be a gift to me, to any of us, to listen, welcome and help you reconnect if you have been away, or help you find here a spiritual home.

Peace to you always. You are in our prayers!

Fr. Bob Ring