Resources to increase parishioner engagement

The Stewardship Team is asking each ministry team to prepare a "Ministry Minute" talk and "In Their Own Words" article.  The "Ministry Minute" will be presented at the end of one of the Sunday Masses by a member of the ministry team and the "In Their Own Words" article will appear in the Bulletin.  Our hope is that when people read about how good being a part of a ministry (or organization where you volunteer) makes you feel, they will be encouraged to find their own way to become faithful stewards of their gifts.

Below you will find a sample format that will be helpful in preparing either a “Ministry Minute” or “In Their Own Words.”   Please keep in mind, however, that “In Their Own Words” must be limited to no more than 200 words.  In addition, “In Their Own Words” will need to be emailed to Barbara Thomas ( at the Ministry Center, two weeks in advance of the date it will be published in the bulletin. 

Sample format for “Ministry Minute” and “In Their Own Words”

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain your relationship to the Parish – how long you’ve been a parishioner
  • Provide details of your personal stewardship journey to the ministry you are involved in
  • Write about who or what inspired you to become a good steward of your time and talent
  • Explain how being a good steward has changed/enhanced your life
  • Invite the readers to join in the journey of giving their time and talent

Please keep in mind that this is not necessarily to promote the specific ministry that you are in, though you can mention at the end, parishioners can reach out to you if they are interested in more information about your ministry.  The purpose of “Ministry Minute” and “In Their Own Words” is to get parishioners to think about their own gifts of time and talent and how they might get involved offering those gifts to the parish and greater community.

Examples of a Ministry Minute presentation and "In Their Own Words" article are given at the pages linked below

Sample Ministry Minute

Sample In Your Own Words