What is pastoral care?

Simply put, pastoral care is being there for others as a loving presence when being alone hurts. God’s love is not an abstract idea or concept—it is very real and tangible. God’s love first took flesh in Jesus. Now that love takes flesh when we, Christ’s disciples, reach out to those in need. We believe the Holy Spirit weaves us together in community. The fabric of community extends far beyond the people who can get to church on a Sunday morning. Community includes those in the hospital or other care facilities, those unable to get to Mass and those feeling especially alone because of grief. Pastoral care is the way a Christian community reaches beyond the walls of the church.

Pastoral Care Team
Peggy O'Neil Midgley

Provides oversight and support to all Pastoral Care Ministries.
Time Commitment: 4 team meetings per year; engage in hands-on ministry at level of your choice.

Visitation of the Sick
Cathy Malik

Parishioners make pastoral visits to the sick, hospitalized, nursing facilities and shut-ins. In this ministry visitors bring the Eucharist, pray with and visit with these individuals.
Time Commitment: As often as you are available.

Bereavement Group
Kirsten Redfield

A ministry to those who have lost a loved one. Ministers stay in contact with a family or individual during the first year following the death by: sending cards, phone calls, and other services. We also provide referrals to other services as needed and requested.
We are looking to add a men's bereavement group to provide individuals to gather together to share their losses and their journey through grief. We need an individual(s) who would take a leader/facilitator position to begin this ministry.
Time Commitment: Flexible.

Presider of Communion Services
Deacon Dave Snyder

Become part of a team that presides at weekly communion services at local nursing homes and assisted living homes.
Time Commitment: Flexible.

Nursing Home/Assisted-living Visitation
The Eucharist is brought to our parishioners or family members who are residents in local nursing facilities or assisted living facilities. The resident or immediate family member must request the visit by calling the ministry center at 586-5675. Training is provided for this ministry. There are three opportunities to volunteer in this ministry:

  • Visit individual residents
  • Preside at Sunday Communion services at the facility
  • Assist at monthly Mass with clergy

Visit Shut-ins
Many parishioners are no longer able to attend Mass, but still wish to receive the Eucharist on a weekly basis. Volunteers are connected with those residents to set up a time convenient for both so that the Eucharist can be shared in the home with prayer. Training is provided to volunteers in this ministry.

Sunshine Luncheon
Welcomes 150+ guests from area nursing homes and assisted-living centers. Our guests are provided with a delicious meal, socialization and entertainment. This annual luncheon, a beautiful expression of community, is held in May.

Red Cross Blood Drive
Each year on Good Friday, St. Louis hosts a Blood Drive by the American Red Cross. St. Louis volunteers provide assistance at the hospitality table.

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