God’s forgiving love.

Search the Gospels. Forgiveness often initiated the journey of discipleship. Forgiveness was needed and offered along the way. (Think Peter!) Sometimes forgiveness came with one’s closing breath (the good thief). So too today, our Savior offers the Sacrament of Reconciliation whenever we need it, a priceless gift that allows sinners to get things off their chests, to encounter God’s forgiving love, and to sacramentalize conversion and a new life. Through this sacrament, the Lord can also provide assistance in forgiving deep hurts, even forgiving oneself.

Sacraments: What You Need To Know

Penance Calendar (2019-2020)

Please contact the Faith Formation office to inquire about registration - pstlouisff@dor.org.

• First Penance preparation will be in the Fall beginning late September or Early October 2019. Calendars for Penance and Eucharist will be available mid-June for planning your family schedule. Please remember that attendance at all sessions are required  to prepare and receive sacraments.

• For Sacraments, If your child or teen attends a Catholic School, they will need to only attend the preparation sessions NOT weekly Faith Formation or Youth Ministry. If your child is not in Catholic School, they will need to enroll in weekly Faith Formation or Youth Ministry classes, along with preparation sessions for the sacrament.

If you are interested in learning more about First Penance, please contact Michelle Andrews-Smith at Michelle.Andrews-Smith@dor.org

Click here to visit the Diocese of Rochester for additional information on Penance.